Ljusterö IS is a non-profit organisation providing sports and recreational activities for all ages on the archipelago island of Ljusterö. Directly translated into English, Ljusterö IS would mean Ljusterö Athletics Association. Formed in 1927, Ljusterö IS has been an important movement for the development of sports and leisure activities on the island. Last year (2019) we were more than 900 members. Our ambition is to provide a variety of sport and leisure activities for our children and teenagers at Ljusterö and to offer various activities for our visitors and summer residents. We also intend to develop the sports arena at Laggarsvik. Currently Ljusterö IS provides sport and recreational activities in the following areas; · Football · Tennis · Padeltennis · Dog training Obedience · Basket ball · Boule · Gym · Table tennis · Floor ball. Please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or mail for specific inquiries.